Built from the ground up and set in a quiet location, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Mortlake offers student access to beautiful, light-filled facilities, technology and new resources. Focusing on the integration of indoor/outdoor and active/passive learning areas, the school provides the integral elements to achieve a balanced, authentic, high quality learning environment for our students. 

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Before Care

Before and After School Care

Before and After School Care is something our parents have wanted and needed since the beginning of the school. SCECS has a great team of carers here to support your children and enjoy their leisure time. The children are fortunate enough to be cared for in a bright, comfortable, home like environment. 

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Library


Our school library has always been a delightful place to find a special place to read. Our families have covered many, many wonderful books (and every school reader) and our children are so fortunate to have such beautiful new resources. Reading is very important at St Patrick’s and giving children choice and a beautiful location really supports our love of books.

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Canteen


The canteen is fully equipped to service functions through to great classroom cooking. Many happy occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandfriend’s Day, pancake days and sausage sizzles have already occurred. The canteen has been a great benefit for community building in our school. 

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Classrooms


Our spacious, light-filled classrooms have been designed to support both collaboration and creativity for our students. Tastefully finished to create warmth, calm and quietness and flexibility, the classrooms are filled with lightweight and moveable furniture allowing the spaces to be easily reconfigured. Cleverly designed, the rooms have digital screens for large or small groups and special spaces for teachers and specialists to work with children. 

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Playgrounds


Our playground space, which is a perfect addition to our building, allows children to play creatively as well as supporting their physical wellbeing. The next addition to our current space will open in 2021, adding to the physical size of our green space and allowing even more opportunities for both creative and physical play. Supported by shaded areas, the children will be able to engage in a variety of activities for safe and active play.

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake technology


The school has been designed to grow capacity to adapt and change with the increasing demands of technology. Each room is well resourced with large multiple screens for whole and small group interaction. Interesting and varied technology resources can be found right across the school from Beebots to Lego Mindstorm as well as creative STEM resources.