St Patrick’s has a great range of co-curricular activities to support and develop children’s interests and talents across a wide range of areas including:

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Sport


St Patrick’s provides a range of sporting activities to engage the students and enhance their physical wellbeing. Sport includes: physical fitness, ball games, gymnastics, athletics, swimming and dance.  Outdoor sporting companies also provide short intensive training in different sports including soccer, rugby, handball, hockey, judo and cricket. These sports vary each year.  We have a sports carnival each year and participate in SCS sporting events such as soccer and netball gala days.

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Chess

Lunchtime Clubs

Lunch time clubs are held every day on both breaks. The clubs are organised and presented by teachers, older students (supervised) and some outside providers. The clubs have been designed around what students are interested in doing during their break time.
Our lunch time clubs include: chess, dance, mindfulness, drawing club, Rubix Cube club, choir, library, crochet, STEM building and student choice clubs organised by our older students.

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Music


Music experiences are part of the varied program of learning at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Mortlake. The children engage with music within the classroom program as well as having experiences through choir, guitar and music clubs. This year we have just began band with students from Year 36 and we look forward to show casing our musical expertise at different events throughout the year.

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Art


The children really enjoy the different art experiences at our school. Different opportunities are provided for children to participate in competitions or be part of art clubs within the school. One of our children has their artwork featured in one of our local parks.

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Robotics

Robotics and STEM Opportunities

The school provides different opportunities for the students to engage in all facets of technology. From Rubik cubes to robotic competitions the children are exposed to creativity and design. Our specialist STEM teachers also provides a wide range of experiences for our students to engage in this fascinating and curious area of learning.

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Gardening


There is a wonderful gardening community within the local Parish and our children are inspired by this work to create mini gardens of their own. Our new playground is also going to provide more gardening experiences in a special gardening section. The children love to watch their veggies grow!

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Cooking


A variety of cooking experiences happen in our school canteen. Children thoroughly enjoy learning about healthy food and of course tasting their creative works.

St Patricks Catholic Primary School Mortlake Public Speaking

Public Speaking

The whole school participates in public speaking every year. This is a wonderful way to promote confidence and learn skills from their peers.